Skittles Is Creating Custom Head Busts For Valentine's Day!

Are you trying to impress your significant other/potential significant other for Valentine's Day this year? Skittles has the perfect gift for you to definitely get a response from your partner!

The candy company is giving fans the chance to create 3-D sculptures of their faces! They actually look pretty cool and are a 1:1 recreation of your face, but it's just made to look like candy!

While you can't eat the sculpture, they will be inspired by Skittles Dips, which is their newest candy, and you can customize it to come in one of the basic Skittles colors: orange, yellow, green, red, and purple.

To purchase a custom bust for $20.20, head over to Skittles' Etsy store starting January 31st at 10 am and there is a limit of one per customer so choose wisely!

Check out what the busts look like below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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