Kraft Is Selling Their Mac & Cheese Powder In A Bottle!

Kraft Mac & Cheese was, for the most part, everyone's go-to food as a kid, or even a college student, but the biggest dilemma was not having enough of the cheese powder to put into the mac & cheese. This all ends today because Kraft is releasing bottles of its famous cheese powder!

Starting today you can purchase Kraft's Mac & Cheese powder in a 20.7 oz. shaker container (kind of like for Parmesan cheese) at a BJ's near you and dust it onto anything you want!

No longer do you have to wait to open a white envelope inside Kraft's iconic blue boxes, but you can now add a little extra zest to your mac & cheese and call it your own!

The shaker costs $6.99 and if you consider yourself a cheese aficionado, then you might want to jump on this quick!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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