This Bacon-Scented "Meat Patch" Will Help Curb All Your Meat Cravings

Fried bacon strips on the stone dark board

Vegetarians and vegans rejoice because you now have a NEW way to fight any meat cravings you might ever have!

Now I'm going to admit that I am not a vegetarian or a vegan, but I am currently dating someone who IS a vegetarian and I know from personal experience that starting that lifestyle can be a pretty difficult change in your diet and eating habits.

That's why a vegan frozen food company called Strong Roots created a "meat patch" that is essentially works like a scratch-and-sniff sticker you put on your arm that is bacon-scented.

Whenever you have that craving for meat you simply scratch your patch and the scent should trigger your brain to stop your meat craving.

The "meat patch" is slowly rolling out in the UK, but I can totally see this coming to the US in the near future.

To see what the meat patch looks like just check out the post below!

(Plant Based News)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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