Diggle FINALLY Became Green Lantern During Arrow's Series Finale!

Last night during Arrow's Series Finale we FINALLY got an answer to a questions fans have had for the past EIGHT years: Does John Diggle become Green Lantern?

Turns out that the answer is YES!

During the final moments of the series finale we saw David Ramsey's character Diggle pack his family's house up and help them prepare for their big move to Metropolis (aka the home of Superman). However, instead of driving with his family, Diggle decided to let them drive the family car and he was planning on driving the moving truck. But it was right before Diggle was about to leave that we got to see his BIG moment.

I'm not going to spoil how it played out, but if you're a fan of the Arrowverse on The CW you know that this has been a long time coming. Check out the scene below and now we patiently wait to see what's happening with the Green Lantern show coming to HBO Max!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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