A Former Jewel Thief Reviewed GTA V Based On Its Realism!

True Crime podcasts are all the rage in the US, but have you dealt with a "True Crime video game?" Well Larry Lawton is here to give you what you need.

Lawton is regarded as one of the biggest jewel robbers in the US and, after going to prison and becoming a motivational speaker, he has now made a gameplay review of Grand Theft Auto V based on how realistic its heists were.

The ex-thief took to his YouTube channel to let his viewers know that while Rockstar Games might have got most of the heists in the game right, they didn't nail down all the details.

Lawton's biggest issues were with how the characters in the game case the place they are planning to rob and what they were actually trying to steal. Check out his full gameplay review below and get ahead of the trend of "True Crime video games!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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