Burger King Is Adding Impossible Whoppers To Its 2 for $6 Deal!

If you are/know a vegetarian, or are a vegan, then you know it's really hard to find a good meal at a fast food restaurant, which is why Burger King implemented the Impossible Whopper into the menu. Well you can now get TWO Impossible Whoppers for the price of ONE!

Normally, an Impossible Whopper will set you back $6 for just the sandwich, but the burger chain just added it to the list of items that are part of its "2 for $6" deal this month.

Also if you haven't tried the burger out yet then you definitely should and this is coming from a guy who really loves burgers! Plus, since it's technically only $3 you have no excuse!

(Raise Vegan)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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