Every Message Sent On "The Circle" Was Transcribed By A Real Person!

My girlfriend and I just finished watching Netflix's new reality show The Circle and while we were at first kind of skeptical about the show, we have been OBSESSED ever since the first episode!

The reality show is essentially like a more social media-focused version of Big Brother and puts contestants in separate apartments where they can only talk to other players through the game's app called The Circle.

Essentially this means if a player wants to talk to someone else they always had to verbally say the message and then say "Circle, send message."

While a TON of people thought that the Siri-like app was real and that we were living in the future, I am here to break your bubble.

According to a recent interview with Vulture, Tim Harcourt, the creator of the show, revealed that producers on the show were ACTUALLY typing the messages every contestant said and then sent them off.

At least we know someone had to type an eggplant emoji every time someone asked to send one!!


Photo Credit: Netflix Press

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