This Sleeping Beauty-Inspired Proposal Will Melt Your Heart!

It's not every day you find out you're spending life with your Prince Charming, but this couple recently took the next step in what has to be the most creative proposal yet!

Lee Loechler took his high school sweetheart Sthuthi David to a screening of her favorite movie Sleeping Beauty, but what Sthuthi didn't realize was that Lee actually edited the film for his proposal!

Lee worked with an animator to change the ending of the movie when Prince Charming kisses Aurora to wake her up to look like him and Sthuthi. He even got some of her family and friends to hide in the back of the theater to witness the proposal!

Somehow Lee also got the movie timed out for his character in the film to toss the ring to him to get down on one knee and propose!

Check out the proposal below and be ready for super-creative proposals in 2020 because the bar has been set!

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