YouTube Rewind 2019 Is HERE And People STILL Don't Like It!

You know we're in the final weeks of the year when YouTube releases its annual rewind video and after a ton of controversy and hate for the past two years of creative videos, YouTube instead chose just to highlight the top five of everything.

Last year's YouTube Rewind had over 17 MILLION dislikes and became the MOST DISLIKED video ever. This year YouTube tried to parody themselves and show everyone the most liked content on YouTube and while it's cool to learn these things, this is what countdown videos/channels are for!

PewDiePie did make his return after being left off the Rewind for the past two years so we at least got that, but you can check the Rewind for yourself below and let me know if you agree with me or if you thought it was okay!

P.S. As of this blog writing, this year's YouTube Rewind has more dislikes than likes...OUCH!!

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