You Can NO LONGER Play Fortnite!

If you know someone who is REALLY into Fortnite then make sure you give them a hug today because as of writing you can NO LONGER play the game due to a black hole event that happened over the weekend!

The game has been teasing a HUGE event in season 10 and it delivered on its promise after the meteor that has been slowly falling in the game struck the map and caused a black hole in the game and sucked in everything about the game.

You can't even look at your character in the game because the black hole took that too! Where the game's lobby used to be, there’s now nothing but a black screen and with a small circle of light in the middle.

Here’s the view of the action from Twitch streamer DrLupo’s game of everything that went down with the black hole.

There’s no official word on when Fortnite might come back online. When it does come back, it seems likely that Fortnite will be reborn with quite a few changes called "Fortnite Chapter 2."

Check out what the game currently looks like below!


Photo Credit: Epic Games

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