This Company is Looking for "Furrfluencers" to Review Vacation Cottages!

Do you have a pet that you know is a star on their own and is just waiting for their big break?

Well now you can help your dog achieve its dream of becoming an influencer because Snaptrip is looking for TWO "furrfluencers" to promote their travel marketplace!

Snaptrip is an online marketplace for last-minute cottage getaways and they are looking for two very good boys or girls to send on an all-expenses paid trips to cottages up and down the UK to review them with their human owners.

The "furrfluencers” will be sent on 10 trips to a variety of dog-friendly cottages over the space of a year and review them on criteria including 'dog enjoyment, dog practicality, access to local walks and dog-friendly establishments like pubs and garden spaces'.

In return, you - the human - will be expected to write up a minimum-500-word review, because your dog can't type, and you'll also need to send in some photos of your dog enjoying his or her stay.

You'll earn £300 for each review, which is about $370, per trip and if you think your dog can easily become a "furrfluencer" then apply HERE!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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