These Are The Most Popular Halloween Candies In Every State!

It's now time to get ready for Halloween, even if you still aren't ready for Fall, and if you're planning on handing out candy this year then make sure you stock up on Reese's and M&M’s because they are the most desired candies on Halloween according to a new study!

The map, which was created by Bid on Equipment, is based on Google search volume throughout the past decade of Halloweens and it reveals that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were the most popular candy in 12 states. Chocolate M&M’s was the next most popular candy with eight states and Milk Duds and Snickers tied with five states each.

Here were the top Halloween candy in all of the states in The Kane Show Family:

  • Virginia: M&M’s
  • Maryland: M&M’s
  • Washington DC: Reese's
  • New York: M&M’s
  • Kentucky: Swedish Fish
  • Florida: M&M’s

Also if you were looking what the favorite candy is in specific cities then just check out the rest of the chart below.

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