Use These Hacks to Get Out the Door Faster This School Year!

The new school year is almost/already here and one of the hardest things to adjust is your sleep schedule! You sleep-in the entire Summer and then all of a sudden you have to wake up and get ready for class within 30 minutes!

Turns out that a little extra planning now can make your start to the school year smoother for you or your students! The following tips can help with hectic mornings so you can get out the door a little faster this school year:

  • Checklists to the rescue- Visual reminders like a checklist can help you know what’s expected of them every day. They can look at it to follow their schedule and to see what they need to bring, which eases morning stress and helps you get out the door on time.
  • Plan and meal prep for the week- Pick out some favorites then plan breakfast, lunches, and snacks for the week. Simplifying as many morning choices as possible will save time and meal prepping any breakfast, lunch, and snack options you can on Sunday for the week ahead makes it quick to grab and go.
  • Keep some “tardy tools” handy- When you’re running late, having a stash of healthy non-perishable snacks like granola bars, can become breakfast in a hurry.
  • Make homework time a "happier time"- Set up a designated area for yourself to do homework and projects


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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