These are the OFFICIAL Names to Call People in Every State!

If you have always wondered what to call yourself based on the state you live in then get ready because someone just shared what the US Government calls people in each state!

After viewing some debates on state resident labels, Twitter user Natalie Jackson went straight to the source to end this conversation for good: the U.S. Government Publishing Office Style Manual and found that some of the states in the US have really weird names for what they call their citizens.

Here's what you're supposed to be called in some of the Kane Show states:

  • Virginia: Virginian
  • Maryland: Marylander
  • Florida: Floridian
  • DC: Washingtonian
  • Kentucky: Kentuckian
  • New York: New Yorker

Below are the rest of the states in the US, but do you call yourself these names?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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