A Limited Edition "Ovi-O's" Cereal is Coming to Giant Grocery Stores!

Calling ALL Washington Capitals fans to head to your local Giant grocery store because a limited-edition cereal based on Alex Ovechkin will soon go on sale!

A Capitals fan in the “True Capitals Fan Zone” Facebook group shared the image of a cereal box with Ovechkin on the cover called "Ovi-O's" earlier this week and while the post was taken down it was immediately shared to Twitter!

As you can see in the photo below, the cereal shows the Capitals’ W eagle logo, an image of Alex Ovechkin, and Ovi’s facsimile autograph. The cereal is “naturally flavored honey nut,” so if you love Cheerios then you'll HAVE to get this cereal.

The cereal will supposedly land in Giant grocery stores closer to the start of the hockey season with more details to come at a later date.


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