Arcade1Up Just Announced Their 'Marvel Super Heroes' Arcade Cabinet

Our friends at Arcade1up are known for re-releasing classic arcade cabinets and bringing up to modern standards, but their newest arcade cabinet has us blown away because they are releasing a special edition, limited run Marvel Super Heroes Cabinet!

The Marvel's Super Heroes limited edition cabinet is one of three new Arcade1up cabinets that were announced at E3 this year and pre-orders for the Marvel cabinet just went live at Arcade1up's website.

The cabinet is a result of Arcade1up partnering with Marvel Entertainment to celebrate their 80th anniversary and will feature the Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men: Children of the Atom and The Punisher arcade games. Below is what the cabinet actually looks like and I'm totally vibing with Thanos on the side of the arcade cabinet!

The special edition cabinet will be limited to 8,000 units and will sell for $399 so make sure you pre-order it now before it releases in Novemberif you are a classic arcade fan or are a Marvel aficionado like us!

Photo Credit: Arcade1Up

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