Burger King is Testing a "50/50 Menu" With Meatless Burgers

If you have ever wanted to gamble with what you're getting to eat then head to Burger King in the next couple weeks because a new promotion the fast food company is trying in Sweden might be coming to the US!

Burger Kings in Sweden have released a "50/50 menu" that allows the employees to serve customers either a meat or plant-based sandwich at random! Burger King is so confident that you won't be able to tell the difference that both options will be the same price.

If you wanted to ruin the surprise then you can scan the sandwich box with the Burger King app, but you'll only be allowed to see the results once you entered a guess.

This kind of takes away the whole moniker of "having it your way," but who doesn't love a gamble when you get a healthier option or what you wanted as options!?

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