We Need These Alcohol-Filled Piñatas ASAP!!

Now that summer is in full swing, you’ve probably got some sort of party coming up on your social calendar and I think I might have found the perfect gift to bring that will make you the highlight of the party and it's called the Nipyata and it's FILLED with ALCOHOL!!

Essentially the Nipyata is a piñata filled with airplane shots instead of candy and toys, but I think we can ALL agree that we'd rather take shots instead of fun-sized candies.

Each Nipyata comes in various designs, including a slice of pizza, a graduation cap, and the very NSFW Peen-Yata, but you can also customize and have your own Nipyata made and have it filled with the alcohol you want inside of it.

I think I might have found the BIG gift at Intern John's next White Elephant party! To order your own you can go HERE and check out what the basic Nipyata looks like below!

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