Hasbro is Selling a $575 Massive Transformer for San Diego Comic-Con!

If you're looking to get the BIGGEST and best collectible from San Diego Comic-Con this weekend then get ready to not even leave your bed because you can buy the $575 Transformers: War for Cybertron Unicron online right now!

The nearly 2-feet tall transformer has over 50 points of articulation and you can transform it into "planet mode" which makes it over 30-inches in diameter!

Now you can't just go to Amazon and buy it, buy you have to go to Hasbro's crowd-funding platform called HASLAB and back the product. Once it gets at least 8,000 backers before August 31st then you are guaranteed to get one!

Check out what the figure will look like below and if you have an extra $575 laying around then it's time to invest!

Photo Credits: Hasbro Pulse

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