What Will Happen in Stranger Things 4? - Crisis #140

Who still has The Neverending Story song stuck in their head? Join Hoody and Kevin as we give our honest thoughts and theories about Stranger Things 3! What will be the biggest announcements at San Diego Comic-Con next week? What Disney Renaissance movie needs to have a live-action reboot? Plus we tell you how you can make bank by selling your own bathwater! All that and more on this week's show!

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Nintendo is Launching a 'Nintendo Switch Lite'

Beyoncé Has Released Her Single from 'Lion King!'

A Pokémon Collector Lost His $60,000 Trading Card in the Mail!

Starcourt Mall from 'Stranger Things' is an ACTUAL Mall!

The First Trailer for the Live-Action Remake of 'Mulan' is HERE!!!

There ISN'T a Hidden Map on the Declaration of Independence!

Cosplayer Belle Delphine is Selling Her Own Bathwater to Fans!??

Marvel is Selling the BEST Captain America Exclusive at Comic-Con!



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