A Mom Ordered a 'Moana' Cake and Got a Marijuana Cake Instead!

Cake fails are pretty common nowadays, especially if you have a unique name, because they're the Starbucks of desserts, but a mom in Georgia might have had the weirdest cake fail of all when instead of the Moana cake she asked for she got a marijuana cake instead!

Now she didn't get a cake filled with marijuana, but it was instead decorated to look like a marijuana leaf and had a My Little Pony character that looked high on the top of the cake. Also just to let you know that the mom was ordering the cake for her 25-year-old who wanted a kid-friendly cake for her family.

Even though the mom posted to Facebook about the mishap, she did it in good spirits because they used the cake to realize that their daughter is growing up. Plus it was an ice cream cake which is ALWAYS a good thing! Check out what the cake looked like below!


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