This College Student Showed Up at Her Microsoft Interview a Month Early

A good rule of thumb when it comes to job interviews is to always show up early because it shows you care about punctuality and is a good look to the interviewer. This woman on the other hand took that to the extreme when she showed up to her interview a month beforehand!

The 21-year-old student was going in for an interview with Microsoft in the UK, but when she had got everything ready for her Skype interview she was just starring at a blank screen.

Despite having her hair and outfit on point and preparing for the interview she was a month early and found out the hard way after she emailed the interviewer and they promptly told her "it's January right now and your interview is in February."


Don't worry about her though because she didn't completely ruin her chances with Microsoft becuase the interviewer assured her that she was still in the clear. Who knows if she'll get the job because the whole ordeal could make her stand out and be more memorable in the final decision!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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