Shuman's Jelly Cake in Alexandria in the Top 21 Desserts in the World

Get ready for Alexandria to get even more traffic this year, but for a good reason because Shuman's Jelly Cake, which is served exclusively at Shuman's Bakery in Alexandria, has been named one of the top 21 desserts in the world!

Shuman’s Jelly Cakes date back to the late 19th century and are made from a family recipe that consists of three thin pound cake layers split by layers of homemade red currant jelly. 

Each Jelly Cake is then cut into diamond shapes and are covered in powdered sugar. Each cake costs about $34 for 50 diamond-sized pieces.

If you aren't convinced yet then also know that the store originally closed in 2004, but opened back up in 2010 just because of the high-demand for these cakes!

(The Zebra)

Photo Credit: Fodor's Travel


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