Adidas is Releasing a "Game of Thrones" Ultra Boost Collection

I don't consider myself a "sneakerhead," but I might start getting into shoes after finding out that Adidas is releasing a Game of Thrones-themed collection of Ultra Boosts in 2019!

Apparently they were teased months ago, but Adidas just released official images of the first pair of Ultra Boosts to be released that are based on House Targaryen.

The first pair, which you can see below, are called "Fire and Blood" and are obviously based on Daenerys' dragon Drogon with a mostly black design and fiery red toe.

The second pair, which follows the "Fire and Blood" Ultra Boosts, will feature an all-white design which probably is supposed to represent Daenerys' white hair.


The collection of shoes will hopefully drop around April 2019 and will set you back about $180 per pair.

More shoes are also supposed to be released that are inspired by the Starks, White Walkers, House Lannister, and The Night's Watch. 

Which ones would you want to rock on your feet? I would totally be down for a pair of Hodors if they ever wanted to make those!



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