Twitch is Creating a Karaoke Streaming Game!

This is probably the smartest move I have seen Twitch make in the past few months because they just modernized karaoke with their new feature called "Twitch Sings!"

Essentially it's a karaoke game that lets your stream viewers pick the songs you sing in the game, but they also pick all the background effects that pop up as well!

The game was created in partnership with Harmonix who is the developer behind the Rockband series of games, which almost everyone I know had a drum set for!

Apparently there will be "hundreds" of songs to choose from, which should provide enough variety for people to not get tired of the streamer singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" for the tenth time!!


The game is currently in beta and will soon launch on iOS and Android devices, but if you want to test it out right now you can sign up HERE!

I can't wait to sing "Hey Ya!" in front of random strangers!!



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