Digital Detox Vacations Are A Thing

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Have you heard of Phone Free Vacations? Sounds scary, right?

Well a new study is diving deeper into the idea of phoneless vacations and the results are startling. This new trend involves traveling but leaving your devices at home. There's no denying that a "digital detox" is good for you every now and then, but the break from technology could cause withdrawal symptoms.

Yesterday, the Journal of Travel Research released a report, which documented a digital detox of 24 people in 17 countries and how they felt while being disconnected on vacation. The study showed that travelers experienced frustration, anxiety, and withdrawal symptoms at first.

After a while, travelers became accepting and some even felt liberated without their phones. And apparently, many travelers felt that reconnecting to the digital world was overwhelming upon returning home and being bombarded with messages.

Could you ever do a digital detox vacation? I'm not sure I would survive!

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