The "Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge" is the Internet's NEW Viral Challenge!

It feels like we haven't had a viral challenge in forever, but don't worry because there's a new challenge that is viral in China that has people posing like their falling out of their car and all of their stuff fell out of their bags!

It's called the "Flaunt Your Wealth" or "Falling Star" Challenge and while only SUPER RICH people in China and Russia are doing it right now, a lot more people are joining in!


You do have to use the hashtags #FallingStars, #FallingStarsChallenge, or #FlauntYourWealth, and apparently people are actually getting traffic violations because they are posing for these pictures out in public.

So grab your most expensive clothing item and possessions and pretend like your falling! It's time to go vial! Check out some examples below!





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