Jersey Shore Cast Did Not Get Paid Season 1!

You, Reading This, Probably Made More Than They Did Season 1!

Although Jersey Shore became one of the highest rated shows on the air at the time, its stars were apparently making next to nothing in terms of a salary. In fact, they weren't getting paid in actual money at all! 

Snooki revealed how much the Jersey Shore cast got paid in Season 1 in a recent interview with InStyle, and it is a lot, lot less than you probably expected.

According to Nicole Polizzi, the artist formerly known as Snooki, there was a massive difference in what the Jersey Shore stars were being paid in the first season compared to the final season... and also now on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. In the first season of the show, Snooki and the gang were not even being paid real money — their compensation for appearing on the show was getting a gift card each week! All of the stars were given $200 gift cards to the Shore Store (the gift shop where they were required to work) each week as payment for Season 1 of Jersey Shore, Snooki revealed.

After the first season of Jersey Shore became such a huge hit, the cast was no longer just paid in gift cards. All of the cast members were reportedly paid $30,000 per episode in Season 3, and in the final season, they were reportedly making upwards of $150,000 per episode. Considering the fact that they are all reality television legends at this point, they are probably making even more money on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. That is a long way from a couple hundred bucks in Jersey-branded merch.

Nicole Polizzi also said that there were never any differences in the pay between her and her fellow cast members. She said that she probably would have freaked out if she found out that everyone was not being paid the same amount.

Source: Elite Daily



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