Burger King Explains Net Neutrality Using a Whopper!

Home Of The Whopper Has A Lesson For You

Burger King released a hilarious prank video on Wednesday that shows what would happen if the restaurant industry mimicked the potential effects of the FCC's recent repeal of net neutrality.

In the world of the video, Whopper neutrality was repealed. "They voted on it," a Burger King cashier tells an outraged customer.

In the video, customers paying the minimum amount for their Whoppers needed to wait 15 to 20 minutes unless they paid dramatically more — from $13 for the fast mbps to $26 for the hyperfast mbps option for a single Whopper order. 


In the video, customers, unaware of the prank, were alarmed to suddenly find that their usual Whopper sandwich orders would be made at a slower "mbps," which the fast-food chain twists to mean "making burgers per second."

In the real world "Mbps" is usually a measure of internet speed and stands for "megabits per second."

Check out the video:


Burger King is suggesting that internet customers would be equally confused and upset if they unexpectedly faced the potential consequences of net neutrality's repeal.

One of the fears expressed by backers of net neutrality is that the repeal opens the door to allow internet service providers (ISPs) to charge customers more for faster access to certain websites and services — similar to the scenario satirized by Burger King's video.

What are your thought?

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