AstroFrecks - Newest tattoo trend that lights up!

First there was faux-freckles taking over the beauty world!


Now if you want to take it up a notch! AstroFreckles is like turn the dial up to 11!

With the semi-permanent face art, Knapik hides any star sign in the design, making it look exactly like natural freckles. The tattooed freckles even fade over time to make them look more and more realistic.

The freckles are applied using cosmetic tattooing technique, which is different from average tattooing technique you are probably used to. It's a mix of different pigment, application, and tattooing techniques that is less harsh on the skin.


"Cosmetic tattoo artists are trained a little more in aesthetics — beauty, face shapes, brow shapes. Cosmetic tattooing is also semi-permanent, so this won't last forever," Knapik says of the freckles. "It's perfect for freckles, because the older ones will be more faint and the newer ones will be darker, exactly like real freckles. And if you're sick of it, you just stop getting touch-ups and go back to how your face was before."

So far, Knapik says she's only done one AstroFrecks tattoo — but with the image becoming more and more popular on Instagram, there's probably a lot more where that came from.

The tattoo artist says that nailing the perfect AstroFrecks look is all in the technique. Knapik says the philosophy is all about fluidity and making sure the placement of the freckles is not too methodical. She tries to make sure eveery single freckle is a different size, shape, and hue.

Before tattooing, Knapik swatches different colors on her client's face to get the right tone and makes sure to place them where the sun would naturally hit. Knapik has some advice for people looking to get the cosmic-designed tattoo, or eve just faux freckles in general.

Source: Bustle



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