How To Apologize!

When you find yourself in trouble with your lady friend and you're trying to figure out what to do we've got your back! 

We've compiled a list on how to do the perfect apology and get things back to perfect in no time!

1) Commit to it!

Tone is just as important as word choice. So, if you aren't feeling bad and your apology isn't legitimate just don't go through with the apology! You won't sound convincing and you will just make the situation worse!

2) Let Her Know You Understand

Women want to know you understand. This is why we repeat the same things over and over again so we can make sure that you really do understand!

How do you let her know you understand why she's upset? Acknowledge it in your apology! For example: "I know it was inconsiderate of me ..."

3) Forget the Excuses!

She will want to know why you did, what you did. Just don't leave her with a bunch of excuses, or get defensive. It will again, make the argument worse. 

4) Reassure Her

You need to convince her that what you did you won't do again. So, explain how you will do things different in the future. "From now on I..."

5) Don't Be A Jerk!



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