Plandids Are Now Trending on Instagram!

Plandids = Planned + Candids 

The hottest Insta trend of the summer, this newly coined term actually describes a pretty well-established Instagram practice that many of us have been doing forever.

[ I was actually standing still in this photo. SKILLS! - San Juan, PR]

So, what exactly are plandids? It is a combination of "planned" and "candid," which kinda sounds like a contradiction in terms. The idea is to post "as if you didn't know the picture was being taken, but you're still posing," to make it look like it was taking you by surprise.

It's unclear precisely who coined the term but a quick Instagram search will show you more than 500 plandids of people trying to nail that nonchalant look. You'll see a stream of people looking oh-so-casually at the ground, or gazing into the horizon. Others will be mid-prance with a hand cocked to a jaunty angle. "Oh, I didn't even realise you were taking a photo," is the aesthetic.

As you can see the Wingin' It girls are no stranger from the "Plandids"! Do you have one? Tweet us! 


Source: Mashable 



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