Salmon Sperm is the New SPF!

Put your 100+ SPF sunblock down! 

To protect yourself from sun damage, scientists are pivoting from SPF to DNA — specifically, DNA made from salmon sperm, the Daily Mail reports.

Researchers at SUNY Binghamton have developed a thin, transparent coating made out of DNA that protects skin from harmful UV light — and the more it’s exposed to sun, the more protective it gets. Side perk: It hydrates skin, too.

 “Ultraviolet light can actually damage DNA, and that’s not good for the skin,” says Guy German, assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Binghamton University, in a press release. “We thought, let’s flip it. What happens instead if we actually used DNA as a sacrificial layer? So instead of damaging DNA within the skin, we damage a layer on top of the skin.”

No word just yet on whether this fishy creation is destined for drugstores, but we could see this being a great leaping-off point for a science-run-amok Marvel franchise

Source: New York Post 



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