10 Questions to Spice Up Your First Tinder Date!

Just when you thought my Love Guru career was over, Dr. Hoody, Guru of Love is taking appointments again! First things first, just play this song while you are reading the rest of this article:


Now that we've taken care of that, Tinder dates are some of the most nerve-wracking dates imaginable, so I've been told. You've only really seen your date's picture and haven't met the person before so it can lead to some awkwardness.

So I've created 10 Tinder first date questions GUARANTEED to make you stand out and not just be a "Tinder Thing:"

  1. In My Fridge I Have Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Radishes, Artichoke, and Peas. What Can You Make Me for Dinner?
  2. How Did Your Last Tinder Date Go?
  3. What's Your Idea Of A Perfect Day?
  4. What Were Your Grandparents Like?
  5. If You Could Go Back to the Past, What Time Period Would You Choose?
  6. Where's the Next Place on Your Travel List to Visit?
  7. What is the Most Interesting Job You've Had?
  8. What Stereotype were You in High School?
  9. Would You Rather Date Frodo or Sam from The Lord Of The Rings?
  10. Who Would Win in a Fight: Superman or Darth Vader?

All of those are questions that will definitely make you seem more interested in your date and at least give you more in-depth conversations than just asking about their favorite color! Now go out and impress that Tinder date!

DISCLAIMER: Hoody is not a real doctor, but these tips will definitely help you be a better relationship partner! "If you want to improve your relationship, you first have to improve yourself!"




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