The ONE Reason Men Cheat!

Science is getting a little closer as to why people cheat! Sadly it is not because they are bored. In this specific study they focused on the men. 

According to Superdrug’s Online Doctor, the most common reason why men are unfaithful is simple: 

the other person was just really hot.

According to a shocking survey of 2,000 adulterers (That is a lot of cheaters), European men stray because they can’t resist the temptation of the other person.

However, the second most common justification for cheating was more emotional, with many men saying they decided to be unfaithful because the other person was really there for them.

This is similar to the main justification given by European women, whose number one reason for straying was that their partner wasn’t paying them enough attention.

Among male love rats, sex proved to be an issue as well, with the third most common reason for cheating being that their partner isn’t giving them enough.

With boredom the fourth justification, the fifth was that their partner stopped paying attention to them.

If you’re concerned about your partner’s behavior, then you should note that there is one very specific time of week when cheaters are most likely to contact their bit on the side.

And we also recently revealed why June is such a sexually charged month – even for singletons.

Source: NY POST

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