15 Movies To Watch To Get You Over Even The Nastiest Breakup!

Did someone break your heart? Breakups suck, but you're strong and you're going to get through it and find the person you treats you like the Queen or King you are! 

But first, it's ok to lay in bed and eat all the ice cream while crying but you'll need a movie to watch! Below I've listed 15 films that will help you get over even the nastiest of break ups! I'll even tell you why from my own personal experiences. 

This movie will forever hold a special place in my heart when it comes to breakups. It was my go-to breakup film, to the point my mom took it away from me because I watched it so much and then my best friend bought me a new one. 

This film will take you from the lowest of lows, seriously he ends up at a resort with his ex and her lover, to a breakup high. If Peter, aka Jason Segel, can get through this kind of breakup so can you! You're going to be ok!

I recently shared a meme that went along the lines of, 'Live everyday like Elle Woods after Warren told her she wasn't smart enough for law school.' But seriously, she gets dumped and proves her ex wrong. It's inspiring, it's funny, it's what you need right now. Become Elle Woods.

This movie is ... well it's a work of art. It shows the lengths that humans will go to just to remove someone from their life after a breakup. It's intense and might hurt you to the core, but you walk away with a lesson that helped me and will help you too! 

Should I spoil it? Ok, instead of going through breakups and continuously erasing your ex from your life and moving on, take each breakup as a lesson and learn from it.

Angela Basset as Stella, crystal clear Jamaican waters and learning to prioritize what's important in your busy life. Now, go watch it.

Ah, I'm sure some women have wanted to be the woman Julia Roberts is in this film. Every time you want to do something mean to your ex, just watch this movie.

This woman leaves her husbands, goes to Italy on vacation and decides to stay. She buys a house, fixes it up and work on herself. This film will give you hope and will definitely help with your breakup blues.

Bridget Jones will either make you feel better or cry more. So, grab your Ben & Jerrys, blast some Whitney Houston and prepare yourself because this film will make you realize you are Bridget and you will survive!

John Tucker breaks one too many hearts and these ladies get revenge! Plus, it has a happy ending. Your pent up hate might lessen and you'll have hope again!

Ah, the Pride and the Prejudice ... the original Bridget Jones. You'll long for a Mr. Darcy of your own.

While this doesn't involve a breakup, this does involve a breakup with life. This woman decides to really start living after thinking she's going to die from a terminal illness and will make you get out there and work on yourself!

Chocolate and the French countryside. Grab some tissues, ice cream and maybe your dog.

This isn't the greatest movie but you'll cheer on Gwen Paltrow as she tosses out her cheating manfriend. Just watch it, ok?

A record shop owner tells his breakup stories to a variety of songs. Sure, this movie is a love story, but there are so many great breakups along the way. Basically, you'll learn breakups happen but you're going to be ok!

This movie .. it's so bad it's good - am I right? Two women switch houses after bad breakups and find love. WHAT. Sure, the movie seems to go on and on but it will give you hope and you might be able to relate to these leading ladies.

When all else fails just watch a movie with some blood. Get that inner rage out while watching Brad Pitt in his prime. Maybe it will inspire you to go take some kick boxing classes when you're done!



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