What Millennials REALLY Have As Savings...

So this article was making its way around my friend group on the internet this week, and got everyone hot and bothered. It claims that 1 in 6 millennials have $100,000 in savings, and maps out how much money you "should" have saved at each age. No one, literally, none of my millennial friends felt like this was accurate, so I decided to compile a list of items that I feel more accurately represents the items of value millennials probably have saved. May not be money, but I promise the sentimental value is there.

  1. Pokemon cards- mine are saved in a binder, protected in plastic just in case I decide to try and sell them for some cash. You never know.
  2. Beanie Babies- they are probably in your mom's basement somewhere, tags and all.
  3. CDs- probably without the case (props if you still have the cases though, with the paper that had the lyrics printed on them) but more likely stored in a zipper pouch/ the one that attached to your car mirror.
  4. Old cell phones- definitely a RAZR in there somewhere, and most with T9 texting.
  5. AIM Conversations- if you still have the computer you used back then, they are probably saved on your hard drive. If you can find them-- DO IT. So worth the trip down memory lane.

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