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HOW TO: Make Bengals-themed Jello Shots

I've had a tradition for a few years now of making a couple hundred Jello shots with the colors of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl... the idea is- each time a team scores, the party takes a shot of the coordinating color!

This year, I figured I'd share the recipes in time for you to be able to create them, too! I just ask that you tell me you did it and send me a picture or video of everyone enjoying!

If you've never made jello shots before, they're incredibly easy. You boil one cup of liquid, put in the Jello powder, then mix in a cup of very cold alcohol. Put them in a cup and and let them harden! It becomes addictive when you realize the possibilities of flavors are endless. Sure, the store my only carry some flavors of Jello... but with the different juices, sodas, and liquors you can use..... it's so hard for me to decide which flavors! I wanna make them all!

I was excited to finally work with orange this year for the Bengals! and BLACK! What could I do with BLACK?! I immediately thought of jager bombs, so of course I made those, but I'm sure the party will hate me for them... so I made some other delicious options too.

Here's the combos, if you'd like to make them!

  • Triple layer:
    • Boiled water with chocolate sauce, black food coloring, and plain gelatine... mixed with ice-cold chocolate liqueur
    • Boiled orange juice with orange jello... mixed with cold vanilla vodka
    • Boiled milk + a little bit of cream of coconut [or coconut milk] with plain gelatine... mixed with cold vanilla vodka.
  • Orange mango:
    • Boiled Tropicana pina colada with orange jello.... mixed with cold mango vodka
  • Jager bomb:
    • Boiled Red Bull with sugar free orange jello... mixed with ice cold water
    • Boiled water with black food coloring... mixed with ice cold Jagermeister


  • You should have all of your liquor in the freezer for a while before making... but I'm too impatient. I normally measure out a cup and then throw two ice cubes in there while the other liquid boils
  • If you're doing layers, make sure the darkest color is on the bottom... and also make sure the second layer that you're pouring in isn't super hot, or it'll just re-melt the bottom layer and combine the colors. I always forget this.
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