Did Floribama Shore's Codi pay up the $500 for toe sucking?!

Floribama Shore is full of everything an MTV show has to offer- wild characters of a cast, making scenes in public and at home, fights.... but it also has a pet pig and a nasty, bloody toe that got sucked for $500.

Codi is the guy who paid up [it has been confirmed] and also brings the most heart and personality to the show, in my opinion. I got to talk to him about all things happening this season and beyond such as:

  • Did you think this show would last more than one season when you signed up? Did you hope to be the next Jersey Shore?
  • How are these houses for their vacations picked, and what do they know ahead of time? [Turns out, him and Kirk picked the latest one!]
  • Do you feel pressure to make drama or fun stories so that there's another season?
  • How does production act while they're doing wild ish? Do they stop them from doing the illegal things, or help facilitate it?
  • Who would he be real friends with outside of the show?
  • Would you ever go on the Challenge or another MTV show?

I also asked about when it got *real* and race/interracial dating was brought up this season. For a show that centers around partying, it's a heavy topic to bring up, but it's something we're all talking about and trying to learn or be heard on... and as he says, "[they're] all such different people... and if we can make it work together living in a house, why can't America?"

Listen to all the fun below! and check out my interview podcast for more from MTV and beyond!

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