What's it like being a drag queen?

*This is part of a series about me learning about different people's jobs. I'm fascinated! If you have a job that's not your average desk job, please let me know!*

Everyone loves drag queens, right?! That's my thought. Anyone who doesn't isn't a friend of mine. There's a lot of intrigue about them, though! Luckily we [with my new cohost Zac] were able to interrogate the gorgeous Justine VandeBlair to get so many of our questions answered like:

  • What do they do as a 9-5 job?
  • What is their real name and how did they come up with their drag name?
  • How did they learn to *conceal* the first couple times?
  • What are her best make-up tips?
  • Have they ever thought they might be trans?
  • Why do they do this job?
  • What is the most offensive thing others can say about the job/them?
  • How much money does she make per show?!

Check out the chat in the 8/2 episode of The Hype! below!

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