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Try Craft Beer From All Over the US

When I first started posting beer reviews on my IG, I never planned on it becoming a *thing,* but it has. Not only for the people who tell me they fully trust my reviews and buy beers based on them [THE PRESSURE!] but I also feel like I need to constantly buy new beer to try and post about! While I do try to get the MYO-6 packs at some stores, most of the time my fiancee is just complaining because I'm buying another case of beer just to try one.


Someone told me about Tavour, which lets you order different beer from all over the place, one can or bottle at a time! Full disclosure: I just found out about this yesterday from a friend... so while I have absolutely already added five beers to my "crate," I haven't had it delivered yet.

Each day they add a few more beers from breweries all over, at different prices, and you buy up to six of each one. No matter how many you order, your crate ships for $15. I figure if I order a bunch of beers, shipping is worth it! Plus, the amount we pay for one individual Bud Light or White Claw at a bar.... WOOF. This is better!

So far I'm ordering five different sours from breweries in Wisconsin, Oregon, Texas, Denver, and North Carolina! THIS IS SO EXCITING! [You can see my "crate collage" below!]

My Crate Collage

This is not even an ad by ANY means... I'm just excited to try things from all over, AND I do love getting packages. I will give you my personal promo code to get $10 off since it's what my friend gave to me, though! You can enter 935960 as the promo code, or-

CLICK HERE to try out Tavour!

And if you want to see what beers I've loved and hated... go to my IG highlights!

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