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Does EB's Wedding Planner Think She's A Bridechilla? - 3 Weddings

Is EB actually a Bridechilla or is she closer to a Bridezilla? Join EB and her wedding planner Amanda as we get her perspective on EB's wedding so far and hear about some of the weirdest and most difficult requests she's had to do for other couples! How do you get into the wedding-planning business? How do brides know if they're expecting too much or too little from their wedding planner, and how can they be SURE they have the same vision? What is the biggest thing couples are surprised by? Where are some good sales for lights and more? It's ALL of the wedding-planner related questions you have- ANSWERED! In the AISLE PILE: a Mother's Day-inspired batch of stories for better and worse, live animal centerpieces, and using a window for your photo booth!


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