Hunt for your own gemstones at this creek!

Do you feel the same way I do every time you find a cool place you want to travel to? I get super excited, then a little anxious because I have no idea when I will make it happen, but I have to make it happen.

That's how I felt when I found this place outside of Charlotte, NC. It's a park that allows you to pay just $12 then go mining for your own gemstones. Anything from emeralds to sapphires to quartz and ruby.... and it seems like you can take it all home! [I have no idea what you do with it then... is it easy to take it somewhere to be turned into beautiful jewelry?! or do I need to take some classes or just put them into a box of things that I swear I'll make something with one day..]

You can either sift through the creek, dig for it, or go through the water flow to find them.. and it looks like a lot of people get some great things! Check out the chart for what they have, and some photos from people who have gone. Maybe I can go and find some more sapphires to work into my wedding ring and match my engagement ring?!

So this actually reminded me of some rocks in my parents' backyard... and now I'm thinking we're sitting on some land that could be getting us rich. If you're reading this, and you know anything about rocks, can you tell me if these look like giant quartz rocks or something important?!?! LET A GIRL KNOW!

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