Aubrey O'Day shares how therapy got her through her break ups

It's been almost two decades since Aubrey O'Day first made her debut on MTV.. and now she's back for a new reality show- Ex on the Beach!

There have been a few reality shows inbetween, but returning to her roots felt natural, besides being called a "hot mom" by all the other cast members who are a decade younger than her.

That didn't stop her from getting what MTV loves most- a good on-screen hook up... or several. Aubrey told me she hooked up A LOT on this show, for the first time in front of cameras! Of course I had to ask what it's like to do that, and if she was worried about covering up. Turns out, it gets pretty easy after a couple practices.

When it comes to her exes, Pauly D and Donald Trump Jr both caused her to get some therapy because she had to treat the break ups "like a death." [Side note... can you imagine having that diverse of an ex line-up?! Like... a Trump and a Jersey Shore cast member?! HUH.]

This was actually a way more fun conversation than I had anticipated... also covering how to let loose and not be so judgy of people doing things you used to do/want to do, how much she packs to film a show, and what it's like filming those awkward "sexy slow motion shots." For the old school Making the Band fans, it's one of the first things we brought up because she has a challenge for Diddy- to bring all of the old members of Day26 and Danity Kane back for the relaunch. [As a huge fan, I NEED this to happen! I know there'd be drama even within one hour long special, too.]

and just to be embarrassing, here are a few of the pics from when we stalked them in their hotel. We saw everyone BUT Aubrey because the drama was well underway, but there was no need to bring that up.

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