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INTERVIEW: Fletcher is Exposing her Ghost

iHeartRadio's new On the Verge Artist is FLETCHER! So let's get to know her.

Fletcher's song "Undrunk" is already catching a lot of people's attention, but it's only one song of the album she's getting ready to put out. The entire album tells a story in its entirety... about a breakup that ended in a ghosting.

"I actually ran into them a couple of months ago and let them know that... I wrote something... music would be coming out," she told me.

We talked about the simple thing a friend said that sparked this new song, and how it developed from there.

We also talked about the #WomeninHarmony party that she attended last week... thrown by Bebe Rexha. It was all about bringing established and new artists together to bring awareness to the situation [of women in music] and empower them up. It's something Bebe should get a lot of credit for organizing, to be honest.

"It's not about men bashing," Fletcher said, before a message for the guys. "but like... you wouldn't be born without a woman so get your s#!* together."

The LGBT community is also a passion of Fletcher's, so we talked about how this world is and can make it easier for people having to come out. I also had to fill her in on what her name's definition is on Urban Dictionary. Be on the lookout for that on her Instagram.

Listen to the whole convo and song below!

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