WHO WORE IT BETTER: Adam Levine or Elizabethany?

Everyone is talking about Adam Levine/Marron 5 and the Super Bowl Halftime Show from yesterday.... for many reasons. A big thought: Adam's shirt looked like some horrid curtains or couch pillows. [I don't know if anyone actually used the word horrid but honestly, IF that pattern is on home decor, it should only be in the creepy dark brown rooms of the 70s.]

I also got teased for wearing "a couch" on Saturday when I wore a purple, blue and tan plaid shirt. I loved it. It's one of those things I saw on an ad and immediately bought it while I was supposed to be working or something. If it looks like a couch- I'll use that couch to decorate my room any time. [PS you can click through to my Instagram to get outfit details]

Who had a better house-decor look, though? Assuming mine looks like any of these ..

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