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Elizabethany's view of iHeartRadio Music Festival

Our iHeartRadio Music Festival isn't just something we SAY is huge and super fun, it really is. Each year I get extreme FOMO of everyone winning trips to go out there... and so for the third year in a row, I've decided to buy my own tickets, hotel, airfare, etc and try to hustle my way into some celebs' lives. 

It worked. 

First things first, I asked the Internet what I should wear this year [as I do every year], and I chose outfit #5, plus these two: 

iHeartFestival outfit

Hopefully you listened to the show or watched along on CWTV.com, but if you didn't, you'll be able to watch on The CW on October 7 and 8. 

What I love to see are all the random celebs spotted backstage. There are always a bunch of the BachelorNation peeps. This year it was Ben Higgins, Dean, Blake, Jason, Nick, Jared and Ashley I, and Wells and his Modern Family girlfriend Sarah Hyland. They all love each other. You can tell they're besties. One by one girls would go up and try to holler. I watched from afar, trying to figure out what I'd say. I didn't want to only get a picture, I wanted to be their new best friend too, duh! It was all ruined when one of my friends told Nick, "Hey she's too shy to say hi!" That's when he said, with a mouth full of sushi, "hey would you like to take a picture with me on your phone?" I died... then did it. 

Nick Viall

Another awkward moment: Two years ago I saw John Stamos and Taylor Lautner together. I jumped in front of them in the hall, then totally froze. I waved, gave a two hand shoulder nudge to John, then walked away. 10 minutes later I tried again but literally just waved again. This year, I had a few more drinks by the time I saw Taylor. I told him the story to see if he remembered and all he said was "well, did we get a picture then?! Let's do it now!" Okay. 

Some other people spotted in the halls: Sabrina Carpenter, the selfie kid, Bella Twins, Bryce Vine, Gavin Degraw, the Riverdale cast, Kristin Cavallari, MAX, French Montana, and more. I got some pictures with the very sweet Casey Cott and French, and of course my bestie MAX! 

iHeart Spottings

It's always a crazy, wild, fun weekend that makes me feel like I'm truly living in a dream. Hopefully you can make it with me next year so I'm not running around doing all this stalking alone, ya know?! 

and maybe you recognize some of these other iHeart faces, too! [and if you wanna see some of the VIDEOS I took, they're in my highlights on my Instagram!]

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