VIDEO: Taxi driver leaves unconscious person in street

I get that we're all trying to MAKE. THAT. MONEY. but like... can we also keep in mind that if you're a terrible person, you will not be making money when you get caught BEING TERRIBLE?! 

This cab driver didn't wanna wait to call 911 or anything when someone was unresponsive in the backseat... he just got out, dragged the dude by his feet into the street, and left. Drove off with the guy laying in the street. With other cars around. 

THEN... THE DRIVER CASUALLY WALKS BACK TO CHECK OUT THE SCENE LATER! Like "oh, someone found him, I have nothing better to do, lemme see what's up." 


I tried to find info on the guy in the street... to see if we know if he's okay because hi, I'm a human and I care... but as of now when I'm typing this, I can't find any answers. Hopefully that's because he's been saved and not because he's dead. 



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