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EXPOSED: lovelytheband's Mitchy is finally happy

A lot of times when I talk to an artist, I end up wanting to get deep into their feels because I think so many people can relate to them. With a song like lovelytheband's "Broken," it was inevitable. Mitchy has had a lot of trials in the music world and his personal life, and it finally feels like he can shine in the happiness he's now feeling. 

We talked about what made him feel so down, and why he had to write about all of it: 

"An important part [of songwriting] is being able to write things that other people may not be able to say," but they feel it, he said.

That's why his music could be therapy for not only himself, but everyone listening.

I did lighten the mood, though... don't you worry! I had to call out his basic bitchness that is all over his Instagram. From pool floats, to Drake lyrics, to outfit posts [all of which exist on my Insta too, so what?!], he's proud of the humor in it all. 

He's also a very proud Drake fan. 

"Drake is the emo king! He's the modern take on the music I grew up listening to."

Listen to our meaningful but fun convo below, then check out his Instas and music video! 

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