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EXPOSED: Bryce Vine calls out Drew Barrymore

Have you heard of Bryce Vine? Because I've been hearing about him for years from my little brother. [That's why I had Bryce call my brother to surprise him and it was fantastic.] Now I get to tell other people about Bryce, too. 

He's been hustling for several years now, and it's finally working out, thanks to his song "Drew Barrymore." No, it's not the same song as SZA's "Drew Barrymore," although he did wonder if that would cause a problem for either one of them. 

"I remember the day I found out.. and I'm thinking 'does it matter if two upcoming, new artists have the same song title?"

Doesn't seem to matter. 

Julia Michaels came up with the Drew Barrymore "schtick" years ago, Bryce told me. When he was struggling to find a hook for all of these verses and a beat he had created, he went through his computer and stumbled across it again. It worked. 

Now that it's spreading, you can assume the real Drew Barrymore is aware of the song[s] with her name... but she has yet to say anything... and Bryce is calling her out on that. 

It doesn't matter if she reacts, though.; plenty of other people are. High schoolers are calling on Bryce to help with their promposals and he's all about it. 

"It's the coolest thing. It's something they'll be talking about forever... how do you pass that up?"

Bryce Vine is another talented, humble new artist who deserves some attention... and you'll understand why when you hear him talk in detail about helping his fans and the writing process in the full podcast below!

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